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Joseph C. Fisher

An important figure during the pioneer days of the Church of God was Joseph C. Fisher. The life of Fisher has been somewhat a mystery since he parted ways with D.S. Warner. Dr. Doug Welch and Dale Stultz have been researching Fisher and his life after his disconnection with Warner and the Church of God Reformation Movement. The PDFs listed here outline the findings of Welch and Stultz at this time. More will be posted as additional information is gathered.

Fisher Research Full Documents

Dairy Noah Byrum March 30_31_1891

Diary Noah Byrum April 30_May 2 1981

Census Letter 1900 Oljace

George Batten Religion Directory

News Article GT Feb 2 1893 EE Byrum The Uneasy Man

News Article GT Jan 1 1888 Fisher Letter

News Article GT Jan 1 1888 Fisher Letter Warner Preaching

News Article GT Nov 15 1888 Fisher Fall

News Article GT Oct 1 1890 Spirits and Doctrines of Devils

News Article Kalamazoo Weekly 1894

News Article LaGrange Standard 1917 Obituary

News Article Obituary Fisher 1917

1870 Federal Census

1900 Federal Census

1910 Federal Census

YouTube Video of Joseph Fisher’s Grave: This is concerning a restoration of grave sites of military in the LaGrange, IN Greenwood Cemetery. Fisher’s grave is noted at approximately 47 seconds into this video. The restoration work is being undertaken by Jean Fremion-McKibben of LaGrange VFW Post 215. The work, Veterans’ Headstone Project, is to restore the headstones of those “who fought in the Revolutionary War and War of 1812, and hundreds who fought in the Civil War.”