Newsletter Index of Topics

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Fall 2007:
Publishing of the Book of Noah
Yellow Creek Camp Ground Historical Bookstore
A Dreamer and his Dreams: Harry C. Gardner
Tour in Michigan (DS Warner): Nov. 7, 1880

Spring 2007:
Bessie Hittle Byrum/ Personal Diaries
Early Trumpet Sounds and Early Church of God Works in Eastern Europe: a book by Dr. Walter Froese

Winter 2007:
Warner Auditorium Demolished, Nov. 2006
Dr. Robert Reardon Dies
My Auntie Birdie (Birdie Warner Smith)
Excerpts from the diary of Frances Miller Warner: 1886
Seventh Street Saints: Sue Miller Spaulding Remembers the COG Pioneers

Fall 2008:
The Story of a Gospel Van
Old Main Book Available
They Met in a Missionary Training Home: John Cuthbert Youngblood
Why Study (and Keep) the Past? by Historian, Dr. Merle Strege
Why the Church of God Should Know Albert J. Kempin

Spring 2008:
Lifting the Standard: Encounters with Dr. Gilbert Stafford
Whatever Happened to the Mule Team Driver?
Historic Texas Property Returns to the City of Eastland
Words are Slippery Things: Revision of the Quest for Holiness and Unity by Historian, Dr. Merle Strege

Winter 2008:
Early Church of God Evangelist: Charles Boyer
Books announced: Old Main
Publications by Society Members: DS. Warner Overcomer of Diversity
Joseph Turner Wilson: A Largely Forgotten “Shaker and Mover”

Fall 2009:
Born in a Barn? Jessie Wickersham’s Farm: Rebirth of the Church of God
Rising from the Ashes in Williamston: Location of the Gospel Trumpet in Michigan
A Historic Meeting in the Warren Cabin: Family of Barney and Nancy Warren meet in Anderson
Early Church of God Leader Honored: JJM Nichols-Roy
Great Leader or Confused Heretic? concerning JJM Nichols-Roy
Thomas Horton: Warner Rescurer

Spring 2009:
Missionary Extraordinaire: Nellie Laughlin
Salib Farag and the Egyptian Gospel Trumpet
History as Moral and Political Art by Historian, Dr. Merle Strege
From Belfast to Birkenhead: John and Maise Larmour

Winter 2009:
Evening Light Comes to England
Whatever Happened to William T. Moneyhun?
Tradition and Traditionalism by Historian, Dr. Merle Strege

Fall 2010:
Mausoleum Marker Recovered: Alexander J. Kirkpatrick
Two Rebels of the Same Mind: Alexander J. Kirkpatrick
When Camp Meetings Were Camp Meetings
Church, Colleges, and the Economy by Historian, Dr. Merle Strege

Spring 2010:
Church of God Historical Society Welcomes European Visitors from Germany
New Books of Note
When is Enough too Much? Conclusion discovered through research
John Morrison, The Klan and The African American Church of God by Historian, Dr. Merle Strege
From the Other Side of the Pulpit

Winter 2010:
Mary Who? Mary Cole
FG Smith and John Morrison, Fleshing Out the Story by Historian, Dr. Merle Strege
The Gospel Car (Train and Cars)

Spring 2011:
Historical Society Website Created
Questions from Readers
Family Researcher Comes for a Visit
Camp Meeting Sermons of 1929 by Historian, Dr. Merle Strege
Rebirth of a Periodical–And the Beginning of the Church, Williamston, MI, 1884

Winter 2011:
A Vivid Collector of Local Church of God History: Allen Moore
Henry R. Jeffrey
Camp Meeting Yellow Creek Lake 1907
Educating for Change by Historian, Dr. Merle Strege
Map of the United States showing Church of God Congregations ca. 1920

Fall 2012:
Pictures of Mary Cole Gravesite Dedication, June 23, 2012
For the Record: Last sermon in Wood Tabernacle by Robert Hazen
A Holy Remnant (from the Gospel Trumpet)
Causes are Rarely Simple, by Dr. Merle Strege

Spring 2012:
Fisher was a Farmer
Sin of Plagiarism by Robert Hazen
Mary Cole: Remembering a Faithful Servant
The Rest of the Story: The Nicholson/ Oldham Wedding
Trying to Hold the Middle by Dr. Merle Strege
Full Picture, Then and Now, Moundsville WV 1904

Winter 2013:
Kempin Archives with Photos
Mary Cole Memorial
A Necessary Correction (Other Times Camp Meeting was not in Anderson)
Interpretive Center of the Church of God Opens
The Dragon and the Dome, by Dr. Merle Strege
New Book Invaluable Research on the Church of God in India, Bakyrmen Nongpluh
Rope Incident at Hartselle: A Personal Reexamination, by Dr. Don Boggs

Spring 2013:
The Closing of Evangel Press Affects Book Supply
COG Convention Photo from 1956
A Centennial Year in the Netherlands: 1912-1913
Notes and Photos from the Netherlands
A Historical Perspective by Dr. Merle Strege

Fall 2014 (Theme is Education):
Changing Theological Education
Latin American Schools
Fritzlar Bible School (Germany)
Nichols-Roy Bible College (India)
History’s Mysteries
Kima International School of Theology (Kenya)
Ongoing Discoveries
A Noble Effort Educational Effort: The Southern Bible Institute

Spring 2014 (Theme is Camp Meeting):
Camp Meeting Mexico
International Youth Convention
Camp Meeting Canada
On Habitation and Pilgrimage
Camp Meeting India
Camp Meeting West Middlesex

Winter 2014 (Theme is Women in Ministry):
Uncovering the Narrative
A Pivotal Moment
Sister Pansy Brown
Finding Fisher
African American Women in Ministry
Mary Cole
Why I am Church of God
Hispanic Women in Ministry

Summer 2015
Fires at the Gospel Trumpet
Private Fire Department of the Gospel Trumpet
Historical Society Preservationist

Summer 2015
Special Edition: Articles from Newspapers across the US about the Church of God reformation movement