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About Us

The Historical Society of the Church of God (Anderson) exists to encourage the collection and preservation of artifacts and documents relating to the history of the Church of God; to encourage historical research and writing of Church of God history; and to provide a forum for like-minded people interested in participating in and furthering the study of Church of God (Anderson) history.

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Research is an unending journey. Researchers are continually “collecting new documents, dusting off old ones, and always reexamining them for new insights.” Research is constantly inviting “new questions, new angles of vision” in the hope of shedding further light on things that seem “quite settled.” We invite you to join us regularly as we continue our work in this journey of “historical research.”

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No Historical Society Meeting in June 2014

There will be no Historical Society Meeting this June 2014, according to President, Dr. Merle Strege. With the movement of the North American Convention to Oklahoma City (OK), it is not conducive to hold a meeting. Watch for the next announcement of a meeting of the Society.